Twitter News and a request to the Twitter Gods

I stumbled across this rather informative tweet from none other than the Twitter gods themselves and thought I would help spread the word – twitter-email-retweet

Now we can get doubly excited by the prospect of an email from Twitter – it might be that you’ve gained an extra and very exciting follower or even more exciting – someone who isn’t following you is genuinely interested in what you have tweeted and has decide to broadcast your news to the whole of their following community.

Now this hypothetical retweet from your non follower is most certainly worthy of an email notification and as grateful as we are....what about receiving an email each time someone tweets you?

If you don’t use twitter for mobile and are simply using to send and receive tweets then you are not presented with any type of obvious notification that somebody has mentioned or tweeted you. I suppose it isn’t exactly a chore to check your @mentions once in a while, but an email with the tweet in it would be a nice little touch ( just like when somebody writes on your Facebook wall).

I understand that twitter celebs like @StephenFry would probably want to smash their blackberry to pieces if they received an email each time somebody tweeted them - but this option, like all others, can be switched off.

Am I being fussy or does anyone agree with me?

Emails for tweets?

#TwitTip – While this request to the Twitter Gods is pending, you may want to check out TweetAlarm. It is a simple service that provides its users with alerts when someone tweets about them or anything related to them.

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Enjoy the post… Vikki

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