What is #rfr - why and how should we be using it?

You may have noticed the #rfr hash tag being used around twitter in the past coming weeks. #RFR  - Officially stands for Requests For Recommendations

This very simple idea came about because we are constantly finding requests all over Twitter - people looking for recommendations, assistance, opinions and reviews. The #rfr hastag is categorising all these Requests For Recommendations, making it just that bit easier for us to track them all. The #rfr hash tag is taking pull marketing to new levels – these are targeted business opportunities being put into your lap.HiRes

These leads could be seriously valuable to your business and should be watched by anybody who wants to recommend their services or business for nothing……. so that’s pretty much everyone then!!

Here as an example of how people are using #rfr on Twitter:

RT @msrfr @bluelightsphoto:

Question - anyone recommend a printer i need approx 1000 leaflets double sided by friday...#rfr

Response from another Tweeter watching #rfr -   I recommend @calverts

In one second @calverts have received probably the best testimonial they could ever achieve - A recommendation to somebody on the lookout for their services.

These requests for recommendations are happening right now, in real time, they are coming from people often with a genuine need or desire to buy something or be referred to someone that can help them. It’s like walking into a room of people that are all looking to be recommended your businesses services. Just put #rfr into the Twitter search bar to listen in on the conversations.

Remember to use #rfr after your tweets if you’re looking for a recommendation or review yourself – as it’s far more likely to get picked up and therefore answered.

If you are particularly looking for a recommendation that is do with social media – e.g. Twitter advice, then follow @socailmediarfr – this account will be releasing tweets everyday that are rich in social media recommendations or requests.

Does anyone out there have any #rfr success stories? If so – please share, let’s get some case studies going to prove how powerful #rfr can be.

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Enjoy the post… Vikki

Vikki Mills is Social Media and Marketing Executive at  Carvill Creative – the online visibility experts. A digital marketing and design agency based in Maidenhead, Berkshire.  The agency covers all aspects of online visibility – covering social media marketing and social media training, user focused website planning and conversion focused website design.

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