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8 Common Social Media Mistakes To Avoid10th December 2014

If you’ve made the decision to get your business started on social media, then it is important to be active on there in order to reach your potential customers. However it’s important to remember that one little error could hurt your brand’s reputation. Some of the most common mistakes companies make with social media are […]

How To Sponsor Content On Your LinkedIn Showcase Page27th November 2014

If you’re not sure what LinkedIn showcase pages are, then be sure to have a read of our previous blog written earlier this year when we said farewell to LinkedIn’s ‘Products and Services’ page. Meanwhile here’s a little reminder… A showcase page, enables you to highlight a particular brand or product line and extend your […]

Do You Know Who Your Competition Is On Social Media?12th November 2014

When starting out with your business on social media, it’s often best practice to spend some time looking at what your competitor’s are doing. When you and your competitors are both trying to attract the same audience, customers looking for the same thing are going to be torn between whose content is better. Therefore it’s […]

Have You Noticed The Very Small Yet Useful Recent Facebook Update?29th October 2014

Sharing, liking and commenting as yourself (from your personal profile) on your business pages’ posts have never been possible on Facebook – until now. Facebook now gives you the option to perform an action on one of your pages’ posts from another page or as you (from your personal profile). Here’s an example: In order […]

How To Choose Your Social Media Channels Wisely23rd October 2014

Once your business has made a decision to jump on the social media bandwagon, the next decision is to decide upon what channels to use and how much time do you want to spend posting, tweeting, pinning, cricling, creating or following? When making these decisions, businesses often make the mistake of signing up to all the most […]