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How To Get Started With Pinterest Analytics9th October 2014

Are you using Pinterest for your business yet? If so then be sure to make the most of Pinterest Analytics. Even though Pinterest analytics aren’t really new, they have been enhanced to help you find out how and who is interacting with your pages. The new analytics dashboard can now be used to give business […]

Instagram Ads Will Be Arriving Soon To The U.K29th September 2014

It was always inevitable that advertising on Instagram was going to happen at some point – after all, they need to start earning some money from somewhere. Earlier this year, they announced that they were going to start advertising in America and later this year, ads would arrive in Canada and Australia. Lucky for us […]

Twitter tests ‘Promoted Videos’ to take on Facebook22nd September 2014

We all love a video, that’s for sure. In fact, video is the most consumed content online. And so of course, all the major social networks have ensured that video is shareable and accessible via their platforms. Last year Facebook tested out targeted video ads. And if you’re on Facebook (who isn’t these days) – […]

5 Twitter Advertising Mistakes To Avoid18th September 2014

Advertisements have always played a big role in the world of marketing. Whether bill board advertising, press advertising, direct mail – or now social advertising. The thing with advertising is that it’s usually pretty pricey – and so you want to ensure you get it right. Nothing worse than your latest ad going out with […]

Twitter Advertising – Levi’s weather Glitch – and The Importance of Relevant Content4th September 2014

When it comes to Twitter advertising you need to make sure you find the balance that satisfies the advertiser without upsetting or being intrusive towards your target audience. It may seem like an obvious thing not to do – but you’ll be surprised at how many big brands end up getting themselves into hot water […]