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Meaningful marketing – right message, right person, right time18th November 2015

It was back in 2009 (blimey almost 7 years ago now) when I blogged about right person, right message and right time. The post largely focused on direct mail – and the fact that many of our clients were challenged by the fact that they were getting low response rates to their one hit wonder […]

5 Pinterest Tips To Put Into Practice13th November 2015

Pinterest is now one of the fastest growing social media platforms – but there are still many business owners not using it! We encourage all businesses – especially those who are product based, to be on Pinterest. Not only does the platform allow you to save creative ideas, but it’s also brilliant for small businesses […]

How Are People Around The World Using Twitter? (Infographic from HubSpot)26th October 2015

Insightful information from the guys at HubSpot on how people around the world are actually using Twitter:  Related Posts :Why businesses are using Social Media and more...5 facts that will urge you to stay or get involved with Social MediaTwitter Stats and TriviaBy Blogsdna

Introducing the new Facebook Reactions20th October 2015

So Facebook are feeding our ongoing need to add an emoji to everything we post or respond to. The ‘Like’ button doesn’t quite work with all Facebook posts and it can often lead to misinterpretation. We all feel awkward ‘liking’ someone’s bad news posts but currently that’s all we can do to say we’ve read […]

Beware… The Curse of Knowledge – 5 ways to overcome your nemisis15th October 2015

For anyone that knows me – they know that I’ve always got a recommendation of a  ‘good book that you’d enjoy‘ at the ready. Amazon business books must love me – as I buy books weekly! (In fact 3 books ordered this week, Getting Goosebumps, (@googledave) Stop Talking Start Doing and Do Less Get More […]