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How to Market Your New Business – Everything you need to know in a 45 min video1st October 2015

How to Market Your New Business – Practical ‘how to’ video Always great fun hanging out with @ThatSMGirl and the #StartUpTV team @madesimplegroup to deliver some quality content. This week, on the very same day my new book was launched on Amazon, I delivered a 45 minute Google Hangout (aka a live streaming webinar), absolutely […]

A Word Of Advice To Content Creators: Be Sure To Know Where Your Images Are Sourced!24th September 2015

This week’s blog post focuses on the use of images in your online content and the importance of knowing where your images have come from. As a social media and marketing agency we deal with online content on a daily basis and some of the time, when our clients don’t have images or written articles, […]

The Future’s Bright, The Future’s Ello? 18th June 2015

“Simple, beautiful and ad-free” Ello is an ad-free social media network with a simple and uncluttered interface. It began as a response by a small group of artists and programmers against the increasing bombardment of advertising and personal details being sold for capital gain on the other main social media networks. When compared to the other social media platforms, it is most similar in look and feel to that of Tumblr and Twitter. The features are also familiar; […]

5 Ways To Integrate Social Media into your Events10th June 2015

Looking at ways to integrate social media into your events? Then this post looks at 5 simple things to consider to keep the conversation bubbling, before, during and after your event. 1)     Get connected. When taking bookings for your event – be sure give delegates the opportunity to share their social media account details with […]

Anybody there – and if so, do you care? The Importance of using Social Media Channels Effectively10th June 2015

It was interesting to read a recent report stating that whilst many PR organisations are now including social media channels as part of PR activity for their clients, the way in which they are using them isn’t as optimised as it could be. The critical flaw highlighted in the report – is the use of […]