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5 Twitter Advertising Mistakes To Avoid18th September 2014

Advertisements have always played a big role in the world of marketing. Whether bill board advertising, press advertising, direct mail – or now social advertising. The thing with advertising is that it’s usually pretty pricey – and so you want to ensure you get it right. Nothing worse than your latest ad going out with […]

Twitter Advertising – Levi’s weather Glitch – and The Importance of Relevant Content4th September 2014

When it comes to Twitter advertising you need to make sure you find the balance that satisfies the advertiser without upsetting or being intrusive towards your target audience. It may seem like an obvious thing not to do – but you’ll be surprised at how many big brands end up getting themselves into hot water […]

10 Tactics to Increase Twitter Engagement21st August 2014

Twitter can be an incredibly useful platform to promote your business and do some great social marketing. It can also prove useless if you’re not ensuring you focus on good engagement tactics – therefore in this blog, we are going to give you 10 tactics to use on Twitter to help build your engagement. 1. […]

Facebook Launches New ‘Save for Later’ Feature5th August 2014

You know what it’s like – you’re flicking through Facebook and you see a few articles that look really interesting – but you just don’t have the time to read them at that moment. Well, Facebook’s latest feature now lets you save the articles you’re interested in – so you can catch up on them […]

Google Remove G+ Photos From Google Authorship14th July 2014

Just recently, Google decided to remove the Google Plus photos from their Google Authorship feature. This bit of news has been a shock to many – and the big question is why – why would Google kill a feature that is meant to help make our valuable content stand out? Google authorship is a handy […]