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Many of us have our own personal profiles on Facebook – we keep in touch with friends and relatives, upload, get tagged and tag people in pictures. These are all the basic functions of your average Facebook profile. facebook-logoWhen speaking about Facebook for Business, we are often asked - What is the difference between Facebook profiles and Facebook Business Pages? Why can’t I promote my business by signing up to Facebook in the usual fashion – why can’t I just call my profile the name of my business rather than using my christian name and surname?

Here is a very simple and straightforward explanation :

  • In order to have a business page you must be signed up to Facebook with a personal account. That’s just how Facebook want it, we assume it’s because they want to keep business and pleasure separate (understandable)
  • Through your personal account you may then create a business page (head to the homepage of Facebook where you login and you will see the option to create a page for celebrity, brand or business)
  • Anyone visiting your business page will not be able to tell that the page is linked to you personally unless you state so – yes you can only create the business page through a personal account but in no way will the page be publically linked to your account.
  • You may make anyone you wish administration on the page, providing they have a personal Facebook account. Once you make another personal Facebook account admin on the business page, they can access the page through their own account to update it or make changes. This is very useful if you want your business page to be updated by a number of different people in your company, they won’t need to login through your personal profile in order to do things to the page.
  • Facebook Business Pages are very easy to manage and work a lot like personal profiles – the main difference being that people can ‘like’ your page instead of adding you as a friend. You can run promotions and competitions through your business page and sell your brand to any fans that decide to ‘like’ your page.
  • Facebook is giving you the option to use Facebook purely for social reasons, but to also keep a business profile (page) without bombarding your grandmother/neighbour/best friend with business information – quite nice of them really..

Are any of you finding the business/personal profile distinction confusing? Or do we in general think it works well?

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Enjoy the post… Vikki

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