Some European Internet Statistics to get you thinking

If you live in Europe or appeal to European markets and your business isn't on the worldwide web - the following statistics should worry you. The majority of people and business have an online presence these days but these stats. should urge people to ensure that they are making the most of this space. The numbers speak for themselves and are not very suprising but it's good to see it in black and white sometimes, just to reinforce how powerful the internet really is. 


Population of Europe – 816,426,346

Population of the rest of the world -  6,113,628,808

Population of Europe – 11.8% of the world


476,278,755 of the population of Europe are internet users = 58.3% of Europe’s population

1,634,487,055 of the rest of the world’s population are internet users – 26.7%


Facebook Subscribers

Whole world – 710,728,720

Europe – 208,907,040

UK – 29,880,860


Top 10 Countries in Europe Using the Internet

 Germany – 65.1 million

Russia – 59.7 million

UK – 51.4 million

France – 45.2 million

Turkey – 35 million

Italy – 30 million

Spain- 29.1 million

Poland – 22.5 million

Ukraine – 15.3 million

Netherlands – 14.9 million


Top 5 Countries in Europe using Facebook

UK – 29,880,860 million

Turkey – 29,459,200 million

France – 22,713,240 million

Italy – 19,806,660 million

Germany – 19,459,280


So as you can see  - your audiences are listening and the opportunities to be heard are most certainly out there,

The question is - Are you getting the most out of the internet?

Does your website perform?

Are you leveraging social media correctly?

Are you even on Facebook?

Are you targeting your key audience?


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