Social Media is not for kids – the grannies say so

Another of Michelle Carvill’s favourite social media myths to bust is ‘Social Media is not for kids’. There’s this misguided opinion in those still not convinced by social media, Facebook in particular, that it’s a young person’s arena. This is a rather dangerous myth. It suggests to businesses that a large proportion of their potential cliental are not using social media sites and therefore won’t be benefiting from any time they invest in social media.35019zkxpwzcial

Not only can we argue that this isn’t true but we can prove it with some very interesting stats-

A new study suggests that a fifth of all grandparents in the UK use social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn .

Of that fifth, almost three quarters said that they use Facebook, a third use Twitter and almost 10% were on LinkedIn. carried out a survey from its customer database, the results were reported in the Telegraph this week - 1,341 grandparents over the age of 60 responded on their use of social networks.

  • 70% said they had joined a social network in the past year
  • Over half of those said they had acted on encouragement given by younger people in their families.
  • This indicates that 1 in 7 grandparents over 60 use Facebook in the UK
  • The UK internet audience grew from 36.9m in May 2009 to 38.8m in May last year – more than half this growth was attributed to those in the over 50 age group.

Exciting numbers - a firm group of statistics that suggest older people are very much getting involved with social media and it’s now market place for all ages. Businesses can’t afford to be missing out and age is no longer an excuse!

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Enjoy the post… Vikki

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