Let your customers know you're listening - with the help of Social Media

As a start up or busy business owner you might think that social media is last on your list of priorities. Each day you just about manage to cram in the necessities and often have to let other things slide, therefore updating a Twitter feed or Facebook page everyday isn’t a realistic goal. Don’t be fooled into thinking that Social Media isn’t worthy of being on your priority list. It could actually turn out to be a real time saver, you can kill a lot of birds with just one stone by having a successful and targeted social media presence. Not only can you use these platforms to promote and advertise your business - you can engage with clients, customers and colleagues and ensure that everybody knows you’ve got eyes and ears out there all the time.44225arsbbkaa1l

Ramon De Leon is a partner in Dominos restaurants – he argues that:

‘Even the busiest business owner should have time for social media’

De Leon says it allows him to connect with customers and let them know that he’s listening. Great promotions and customer service have a habit of a having a rippling effect, in the same way that bad promotions and bad customer service does!

If you are giving customers and clients an experience worthy of telling their friends about, De Leon calls it the ‘WOW effect’ , then they will share it.  Where is the most obvious place to share it?....On a social media site.

De Leon ensures that he is there to comment, re post, like, retweet and share in any way possible these reported WOW effects for any of his businesses.

De Leon says that a simple photo of someone enjoying their birthday in Domino’s can be taken, uploaded and shared within 5 minutes and he considers that to be very powerful. If you’re a small business starting up – it’s something that you can easily do yourself. Take a photo that shows your business in a good light and share it on a social media site.

You might be reading this and thinking you want to get involved, but really really don’t have the time. We can help you with this – we offer a range of social media management services that can be your social media eyes and ears for you. It doesn’t mean you have to be totally hands off but we can help to relieve a lot of the pressure with strategic planning, marketing and implementing of social media for your business.

If anyone has any other quick tips that they wish to share – please do!

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Enjoy the post… Vikki

Vikki Mills is Social Media and Marketing Executive at  Carvill Creative – the online visibility experts. A digital marketing and design agency based in Maidenhead, Berkshire.  The agency covers all aspects of online visibility – covering social media marketing and social media training, user focused website planning and conversion focused website design.

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