Necessary ingredients for your marketing plan...

The development of all plans, at any level and of any type, will only be as good as the objectives and methods, and the process documented for delivery.  The following key stages are typically addressed when putting together your Marketing Plan.  Whether strategic, operational, short-term or long-term these stages apply:

  •          Background Analysis
  •          Current Performance (sales figures and profit)
  •          Background Analysis
  •          Opportunities and Options
  •          Marketing Objectives
  •          Marketing Goals
  •          Financial Goals
  •           Marketing Strategy
  •          Target market segments
  •          Differential advantage
  •          Marketing Mix (the resources you use to implement your plan)
  •          Product
  •          Price
  •          Promotion
  •          Distribution
  •          Services
  •          Team
  •        Action Plans
  •        Budget
  •        Organisational Implications
  •         Contingency
  •          Monitor  and Evaluate

In this marketing plan template guide in the coming posts we'll work through each of these stages helping you to understand what you need to consider when putting your plan together.

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