Need to create a Marketing Plan?

A couple of years ago I created a Marketing Plan Template, a practical resource which provides a good starting point when wanting to put a marketing plan together.  It doesn't just highlight what goes into a plan - but it provides practical exercises too.  So I thought I'd share via the blog... Why create a Marketing Plan?

Whatever led you to dive in starting your own business; whether redundancy, sheer chance, a new product or idea, the need to take control - life running your own business can be pretty hectic.

Being organised definitely helps to keep an element of order to how you grow and manage your business - and part of being organised is business is ‘good planning'.

Time does not stand still - and therefore, neither can your business - you need to plan a means of developing your business, serving customers, getting new customers and retaining the ones you have; innovatively, simply and effectively (nothing too difficult there then!).

In an ever changing business environment you need to be sure you have considered every resource to help drive your business.  The internet has opened the playing field, and reduced the barriers to entry - and so even the smallest businesses have significant opportunities for growth, development and brand visibility. 

Simply committing your ideas and plans to paper gives you a blueprint to refer to.  It's your business plan.  And a key component of that business plan is your Marketing Plan.  Your ‘Marketing Plan' is the ‘HOW' you are going to deliver your business objectives.

About the Marketing Plan Template

My Marketing Plan template is designed to help you build an effective Marketing Plan.  Effectively, I'll take you through the key points of the plan and explain what you need to do/consider for each section.

In an ideal world - prior to completing your Marketing Plan you would undertake some research to help you understanding your current position.  It's what's effectively known as a Marketing Audit - and it covers such things as:

  • trends within the economy and society that may impact your business  
  • competitor analysis - understanding what your competitors are up to (turnover, activity)
  • customer and market analysis - understanding more about your customers and the market you operate in.  
  • breakdown of your sales figures, market share and profit margins

At Carvill Creative I call this a Marketing Audit.  A Marketing Audit is an indepth and often time consuming project.  But if you would like to get a copy of our Marketing Audit Template - simply email and request the Carvill Creative Marketing Audit Template - there's no fee for the document, however, do consider that it's a working document and whilst it will help you see what's involved in a Marketing Audit - we won't be doing the Audit with you.

 So now to get on with the task in hand - creating your Marketing out for this next post - coming to you very soon!

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