Marketing Plan Template Step 1 & 2

Step 1 1.1    Background Analysis

Your plan has to be understood by all that read it.  It's got to be clear and simple and easy to follow - and give a ‘snap shot' of your business to whomever you need to read it.  Therefore, the analysis and evaluation section is really a ‘this is where we are now' and ‘this is where we are heading' section.    It should answer the following questions:


1.    How well are you performing now?

2.    What are the contributors to your success or failure?

3.    How optimistic are you about the future?


Let's look at an exercise to help you funnel down what you need to include:

Practical Exercise 1

Strategic Positioning


More commonly referred to as a Mission Statement - (your Strategic Positioning) - is a statement, which clearly sets out the overall focus, objectives and guidelines for development and implementation activity.


Your ‘strategic positioning' or Mission Statement must tell a story.  It must clearly set out:




Overall objective To provide a dependable and profitable base for our partners and equity partners through meeting the needs of specific client segments.
Service level To satisfy the needs and to achieve this in a dependable manner requires that we deliver excellent service at each client contact, or point of truth.   A commitment to training.  A commitment to communication.
Quality Attract clients who are prepared to enter into the relationship your positioning implies and who look for value for money.  Client selection criteria.
Culture Client orientation.  Relationship management and nuture. Client management systems.  Technology enabling team and clients to interact more effectively. A marketing-led organisation where the internal needs of our team and the external needs of our market are a key focus.
Innovation Develop solutions for our clients to meet their needs.  Extend product range.  Differentiate product offering.
Result Profitable, achieving a return on assets employed of X%.    



Step 2

2.1       Current Performance

For this section we are looking at both financial and awareness measurement.  From a financial viewpoint you need to assess performance of total profits, gross and net margins, return on capital employed and cash flow.   


Awareness is based on market share:


  •          What percentage of the market you want do you have? 
  •          What is the size of your current customer base? 
  •          What is the quality of your current customer base? 


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