How to Follow the World Cup via Twitter

So the World Cup is upon us, and this year has become as much of an event in the digital and social sphere as it has on the pitch.

No matter where you are, whether you want to know about the World Cup or not – social media weaves us all together giving us all a second screen experience. One you can’t miss!

Major brands have also come out in full force to get involved in the World Cup through a social media perspective – so be on the lookout for competitions, blog posts and tweets – and quite rightly they should, as this is the most social sporting event we’ve seen so far.

Keep Track of the Action

Twitter has made it easy to for you to figure out how to keep on track of all the action during the World Cup by publishing lists of all players and team accounts.

One of the crucial ways to keep your eyes on the game is to follow those key players. Be sure to also look out for all the other voices out there including commentators, journalists and websites etc. Some of these can be harder to pinpoint on Twitter but due to the fact that they are crucial to the World Cup conversation, you will find them!

Twitter Introduces the Hashflag for World Cup Tweets

The hashflag has returned – this was something that was an instant hit during the 2010 world cup. And now Twitter has announced the return of hashflags which are bound to add a little national pride and colour throughout our Twitter feeds.

A ‘hashgflag’ is exactly what it sounds like – a hashtag flag. It allows users to use the world’s flags, as a new form of hashtags in their tweets.









So throughout the World Cup – when fans tweet a ‘#’ followed by their county’s three letter abbreviation, a flag will appear in the tweet. For instance if you’re rooting for England (which we hope you are), you would tweet #ENG – and the country’s flag will appear after the text.

They have been introduced not only to brighten up your Twitter feeds but to make the World Cup come to life. Twitter has estimated that around 90% of users will be watching the tournament – therefore has focused on making discussions centred around the event – more accessible for us all.

Show Your True Colours

Noticed a banner at the top of the screen when you first log in to your Twitter saying – Excited about the World Cup?

Twitter are giving you the chance to share with the world – your true colours!

Here you get to pick the team you’re supporting throughout the World Cup – where you will unlock some new customised World Cup features which allow you to personalise your profile.

It’s another way of getting involved in the World Cup where you can use your Twitter profile to represent your allegiance.

Once you’ve chosen your team – Twitter will then give you the option to add a team profile photo and header that you can pick from their library of customised images.

So what are you waiting for? Get your Twitter profile involved with the World Cup – look the part, follow the right people and stay on top of all the real time scores and highlights.

There’s also bound to be a whole lot more going on with the World Cup in the social sphere – so if we’ve missed anything – feel free to share any other ones that have caught your eye!

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