Have you signed up for Google Authorship yet?

Google Authorship is a simple yet not very exploited concept to assist with online visibility of your content and your business.

What is Google Authorship?

Think back to when you search in Google – do you ever wonder why some people’s faces show up in search results alongside the link? How do they do that?






Well, the answer is through Google Authorship! This allows your photo (the photo which is on your Google+ page) to appear directly in search engine results next to your page title – creating a visual element that naturally attracts searchers to your website.

The point of Google Authorship is to link an author’s work to his or her Google+ profile – therefore verifying it authenticity. This service helps content author’s to build an advantage over their competitors – not only does it establish credibility as an author, but it can have a very positive impact on search engine optimisation.

Let’s take a quick look at some of the ways Google Authorship helps:

  • Build a Reputation

Google Authorship puts your name on the map and on your content in general. Through having your content verified as the official author, you’re building your reputation as an industry expert and spreading your company’s name too.

Tip: the more relevant, unique content you produce, the higher your ranking will become.

  • Stand Out in Search Results

By attaching your name and face to your content, you’re providing readers with a higher level of trust and confidence in your work. And when people trust you, they’re more likely to want to find out more.

With Google Authorship – it increases your chances of building your reader base through organic search results. Adding this human element will help promote more personal interactions between you and your audience – and searchers are much more likely to click on an article that has the author’s image associated with it.

  • Higher Click through Rates.

This is without a doubt the main advantage of Google Authorship – it’s designed to increase traffic to your website by increasing click through rates (research by Search Engine land identifies reports of authorship increasing click through rates by 30% to 150% or more!)– therefore making them stand out from other search engine results!

Studies have shown that the eye is first drawn to the image, then to the heading (which is also why writing a compelling headline is so important). Therefore not only will your blog stand out more in the search results, but will give off an air of authority!

Every day, more and more businesses are taking advantage of Google Authorship to enrich their online presence. So, if your company is not currently utilising Google Authorship – then you might want to start considering it!

Remember – anonymous authorship does nothing for your business. And eventually you’re going to want to put your name to all of the content that you’ve produced!

By Michelle Carvill