Competition – What Do You Love About Social Media?

With February being the month of love we hosted a competition where we asked our audience to share the social media love and tell us their 5 top reasons why they love Social Media.

We shared the feature in our Newsletter, and now we’re pleased to announce our top 5 winners (in no particular order) who we think gave us the best answers to the question:

What do you love about Social Media?

Congratulations to…

  • Jilly Clark
  • Segun Garuba
  • Lee Williams
  • Kathryn Cook
  • Zoe Holiday

You’re our top 5 winners and will be receiving a copy of the social media book of the year ‘The Business of Being Social’

Here are a few of our favourite answers from the competition:

“The reach is incredible – the range of people and organisations you can interact with is massive”

“Share images straight away of new facilities and techniques”

“Instant access to the top talent, superstars and celebrities”

“Gives you the ability to connect and reconnect with people you have not contacted for years”

“Great for selling/advertising”

“You can find out the trending topics the day before they hit the newspapers or tv”

“Allows me to connect with other like-minded people in similar industries”

“It helps grow and market my brand in a very affordable way”

“Cost effective way to build your brand”

“Brings new partnerships and opportunities”

“It provides me with marketplace insight into other brands, information and customers”

“Social media enables you to make the most amazing connections”

Once again we’d like to thank everyone for taking part in our competition and sharing the Social Media love!

Are you another social media lover? We’d love to hear your reasons! Tweet us at @CarvillCreative

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