What’s included in this Program

· Introduction to the digital landscape and what it means for leaders.

· Changing behaviours – ‘the Super powered’ consumer and where digital technologies fit in along the ‘customer journey’.

· Reviewing your digital footprint and your digital IQ.

· Exploring your why, your purpose and what that means for digital communications.

· Understanding your role in the context of organisational activity.

· Getting clarity on messaging and personal brand values.

· Understanding key social media channels: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Youtube.

· Practical examples of how social media is used for leadership communications.

· How listening and monitoring via social media aids better business decisions.

· Selecting and developing your personal platforms: Social media account set up and structure, intranets, blogs.

· Do’s and don’ts of digital communication and how it differs platform to platform.

· How to manage conflict on digital channels.

· How to build positive connections on digital channels.

· Content strategy: You are what you share. The practicalities of content curation and development. Tips for communicating effectively online.

· Getting started: The practicalities of implementation, resources: time, competence, team.

· Measuring what matters – KPI setting and monitoring impact and performance.

· Development of your 30 / 60 and 90 day action plan.

· Accountability check-in planning