The Connected Leader - Rob Pierre

In this episode of the Get Social Connected Leader podcast, I'm delighted to interview Rob Pierre. Rob is the co-founder and CEO of Jellyfish, a global digital partner employing more than 750 people across 21 offices in [inaudible 00:00:46], US and APAC. Offering consultancy agency training and technology services Jellyfish works in partnership with some of the world's leading brands to support their digital journeys and transformation. Clients include Uber, Ebay, Disney, Spotify, Ford, Aviva Investors, and ASOS. Jellyfish have won multiple awards for their work, and are also listed in the Sunday Times Best Companies To Work For. On an individual level, Rob has achieved at placing Campaigns A List, the Beamer 100, and also the Digerati, recognizing both his passion for digital and contribution to the industry.

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The Connected Leader - Grant Pierrus

Hello and welcome to the Get Social Connected Leader Podcast, where I, Michelle Carvill, interview business leaders around the practicalities of how, in this hyper connected digital age, they are embracing digital technologies to tune in and connect and communicate.
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My guest on this episode of the Get Social Connected Leader Podcast is Grant Pierrus. Grant is the founder of Interior Style Hunter, an award-winning blog where he showcases his keen interest in design, art, travel and business in the interior design sector. He's collaborated on projects with Christie's, KitchenAid, Muji and lots more. Building communities is a central theme to Grant's work and through his online platforms, public speaking, interviews, charity initiatives and set-to-specific design tools, the focus is always on bringing people together within the interior design community. His marketing consultancy, Pierrus Limited, works with some of the finest UK interior designers and architects, building bespoke digital communication campaigns to grow their businesses.


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The Connected Leader - Chris Bartley

Michelle: I wanted to interview you because you are a very active leader with social media. So can you just tell me a little bit about how you started using social media and indeed why?

Chris: It was primarily driven by our clients. So we deliver marketing communications for a whole range of different healthcare organizations. Probably 10, 12 years ago, those healthcare clients started getting interested in all the various digital channels and digital activities. As part of that ... I've always been quite obsessive about understanding and knowing how these various platforms work. So before talking to clients and recommending different approaches to them on how they should utilize these channels, I just wanted to understand a little bit about those. So got involved probably 12 years ago and started off a lot of the channels as they emerged and as they came out, I dipped in and out, I utilized them more at one point and then ignored them for two years and then got back involved with them. Really the driver was very much our clients and understanding how they could utilize those channels and therefore getting involved myself

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