You Are What You Tweet

The Social Marketing channels present us with opportunities to share our content and get our messages across. social media consultancy social media training Plus, given that the social channels are superbly designed to make sharing and tapping into other networks simple – then they have the potential to be far reaching, extending beyond our usual ‘databases’ - as they present opportunity for advocacy.

If people love what they’ve read, seen or heard, they can share the content on to their networks too.  Helping a wide audience to get to know about you, like you, trust you, share your messages, and ultimately, even do business with you.

And of course, sharing isn’t an onerous task, but simply a case of hitting a button; ‘like’, ‘share’, ‘retweet’ etc.

Given how potentially far reaching the social platforms can be, therefore, you need to ensure that you are not wasting the opportunity these far reaching channels provide by talking about the latest cheese sandwich you just ate. (Unless of course you’re Pret and it’s a tactic you’ve employed to showcase a new product!).

Businesses of all shapes and sizes now need to be getting their ‘content house’ in order.

Ask yourself…

  • Have you got a strategy for regularly creating fresh and acceptable content which meets specific business objectives?
  • Have you got a blog that you regularly update for your business?
  • Are you regularly creating videos for your business – how to videos, sharing FAQs, customer testimonials, new product and service features?
  • Have you got any research information that others would be interested in – could it be turned into an e-book and provide potential for data capture?
  • Are you a lead authority in a specific area - can you create 'whitepapers', industry reports etc?

Content is all around us, from our websites, to service standards, to internal training, to product demos, new products, case studies, testimonials, video interviews (I could go on) – and so it’s a case of ensuring that you employ a mechanism for regularly collating the content within the business so that you can leverage it effectively.

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