Twitter Ads – Once they start – how to switch them off.

You may or may not have heard but the next step for Twitter is to start rolling out adverts on the platform. This of course was inevitable, Twitter had to monetise the business somehow and adverts are the obvious route – we’re more surprised that it’s taken this long for ads to appear!

Twitter will begin experimenting with adverts to users in the United States – these ads will work very much like Google ads work. They will display promoted content from brands and businesses that a user will have shown interest in at some point in their web browsing history.

Therefore the ads will be tailored for you, and your interests – targeted but also thoughtful in a way!

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How does Twitter know what you’ve shown an interest in?

These tailored ads, just like Google ads, are based on browser related information that you agree to share when you hit the browser cookie acceptance button on any website you visit.

For example – if you visit the Marks and Spencer’s website, accept the cookie disclaimer, and then check out a pair of shoes – you’ll often find that Google remembers that you liked those shoes.  Google will then conveniently/annoyingly, (depending on your view point), periodically pop the shoes up in advert when you’re browsing the web.

Twitter ads will work in the same way – except they will appear alongside your Twitter profile.

But fear not – if you are one of those people who find these ads irritating rather than useful – Twitter has kindly allowed you to switch them off in one very easy step.

‘Simply uncheck the box next to ‘Promoted Content’ in your account settings and Twitter will not match your account information shared by their ad partners for Tailoring Ads’

Twitter also want users to know that they do not support DNT (Do Not Track) – which means that Twitter will not receive browser related information from ad partners for tailoring ads.

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Vikki Mills is Social Media and Marketing Executive at  Carvill Creative – the online visibility experts. A digital marketing and design agency based in Maidenhead, Berkshire.