The Ten Twitter Commandments

If your Twitter feed is anything like mine – it’s probably drowning in tweets that contain precious links to articles that will give you the absolute do’s and don’ts of Twitter.1327723_33343874 However, we think that Tweepi’s Ten Twitter Commandments are by far the best out there and should be taken as gospel. They are concise, easy to follow and above all – accurate.

The following commandments, if followed, should give you a full and happy existence on Twitter.

  1. Thou shall not blabber
  2. Thou shall not follow random tweeters who are of no value, just to increase one’s number of followers
  3. Thou shall not neglect one’s Twitter account, becoming inactive and complacent
  4. Thou shall not talk too much about oneself and one’s achievements (or one’s cheese sandwich)
  5. Thou shall not expect to be retweeted if thou do not retweet in return
  6. Thou shall not take followers for granted
  7. Thou shall not spam
  8. Thou shall not use ‘eggs’ as one’s profile picture
  9. Thou shall not use Twitter to stalk or harm others
  10. Thou shall not send out automated messages to new followers

Good luck sticking to the Ten Commandments and let us know if you would change any…

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Enjoy the post… Vikki

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