Social Media Quick Check List for 2011

8 quick actions to consider to assist with your inbound marketing activity in 2011 – and ensure you keep on top of your social media activity. checklist

1)   Content Pipeline - Create a blog features list, scan all areas of your website; services, faqs, guides and write features around them, creating an extensive pipeline of blog posts to circulate.

2)  Forum Activity - Select 3 or 4  relevant forums. Visit them each day to review threads / conversations – and participate where relevant.

3)  Google Alerts - Set Google Alerts on your company name, competitor names and other relevant keywords to monitor.  Watch alerts and comment, share where relevant.

4)  Hootsuite - Ensure all relevant keywords are being tracked in Hootsuite (or similar eg: Co Tweet).  Track conversations brand name mentions – and respond to any requests. (Simple spreadsheet to track date and people will do).

5)  Monitor - Measure number of Twitter followers, Facebook fans, site visits from social media platforms (via analytics) – track growth and trends.  (Simple spreadsheet which you update weekly/monthly will do.

6)  Promotion - Include links to Twitter, Linked In, Facebook on all comms where relevant. Email footers, sign offs, newsletter, website pages, business cards, landing pages.

7)  Collaboration - Partner up with key influencers.  Select 4 or 5 bloggers that you click with and email them, ask if they want to create a ‘comment and sharing’ consortium – whereby you all help each other’s blogs and sites achieve greater reach.  Comment, tweet posts etc.

8 )  Schedule Activity - Don’t miss out on sharing information via Twitter / Facebook each day.  Set up your tweets via Hootsuite so that you’ve got a steady stream of activity.

Michelle Carvill is Partner and Marketing Director at Carvill Creative - a graphic design and marketing services agency based in Maidenhead, Berkshire.  Carvill Creative covers all aspects of graphic design and marketing - covering digital and social media marketing and optimised website planning and user focused website design.

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