Paris Hilton - no thanks, I'd rather be a social media 'ite'!

Now then, as I’ve mentioned before, it’s a rare occasion that I get to sit down and relax in front of the TV in the evening. But thanks to the wonderful Sky+ then at least once a week, I can quell my addiction to Masterchef and watch the qualifying rounds.

Any fellow Masterchef fan, will know that there is an hour long programme on the Thursday of each week – whereby the qualifiers for that week battle it out for a place in the semi-final. Anyway – it’s now final week – and so having had a busy day in London, I decided to have some respite from my laptop, Twitter, blog, bizzbug and all other such distractions/resources that keep me busy of an eve – and catch up on Masterchef.

Glass of wine, selection of mini Green & Blacks (left over from Valentine’s) 2 hours of Masterchef to catch up on – what more respite could one ask for.

All was going well – until the recorded programmes ended – and I switched momentarily from Sky+ to regular TV. WHAM – I was hit with the most ridiculous programme – which I still find incredulous that anyone could even think up – let alone commission and televise!

Paris Hilton’s UK Best Friend. OMG (clearly watching it for the 10 mins I did rubbed off)! What is it that all about? Now – having just raved on about Masterchef for far too long – then you know that I enjoy the occasional ‘reality’ show – but Paris’s show crosses all the boundaries of entertainment.

I sat with utter gobsmacking amazement whilst a sofa filled with girls and one chap waited anxiously, nail biting with tears in their eyes to be told who was the most ‘fakest’ and the most ‘real’. All the time the wondrous Paris looked on with doe eyes and Barbie doll posture…

And joy of joys – the winner – the one deemed the ‘most real’ – (not even use of genuine - note!) – got to go out and have ‘sushi and hang out’ – with Paris! WOW, what an honour!

Oh dear. What is TV coming to… that such blah blah nonsense is televised – and what lack of self esteem that those people must have to want to sign up to be humiliated in this way. And why oh why would anyone revere Paris Hilton – what’s her angle – she’s loaded and that’s it? The hype of celebrity gone bonkers. Yet here I am mentioning it in my blog – giving it even more oxygen – or carbon monoxide, rather!

Interestingly, earlier that week my husband had asked me why I enjoyed blogging, tweeting, sharing online –

what was I getting from it, personally, commercially? Weren’t we just creating such a volume of noise that everyone tunes out? He questioned, the purpose – was it the ‘celebrity’ mentality – that perhaps we’re all shouting about what we do, who we are because we all want to get noticed?

Well – I’ll ponder on that for a while – but one thing’s for sure – whilst the TV churns out such a huge amount of tripe – thank the planets that we have other sources to turn to for social stimulation.

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