LinkedIn – Connect your Employees and Strengthen your Online Visibility

Over 10million people in the UK have a LinkedIn Profile.

Often referred to as the ‘professional’s’ social network – where people come, not to play games, but to do business.

For organisations of all sizes, it’s highly likely that many of your employees are on LinkedIn – however, I often find, that many employees are not aligned to the Company Profile.

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If you look at the above model – this diagram outlines a seamless process of the LinkedIn Company Page – being a signpost through to your Company Website – and (vice versa) – and also that every employee is also a gateway through to your LinkedIn Company Page (and vice versa).

If your employees are out on LinkedIn – then you want to ensure that their connections are aware of your organisation – what it is you do – and of course, you can keep on their radar by publishing regularly.

Here are 3 simple steps to follow to help you ensure all your employees are aligned with your LinkedIn Company Profile.

  1.  Get the name right – Ensure that for all of your employees they have clarity in the name of your organisation.  By this I mean ensure each employee knows exactly how your Company Profile is positioned.  For example – let’s take the Company name Marks and Spencer – are you M&S, Marks & Spencer, Marks and Spencer Ltd – etc.  Ensure you provide all employees with a guideline so they have absolute clarity of the company name – so that when they are inserting into their own profiles that they now work for Marks and Spencer – they spell it exactly as it should be – rather than make their own interpretation.  Many employees are not aligned with the correct company profile – purely down to this very simple yet often missed process.
  2.  I currently work here – ticked – This again, is a simple process to ensure that all employees that work at your organisation are showcasing the fact that they work there.  In their own profiles when inserting details of their work experience – in order for the current role to show first and create a live hyperlink directly through to the Company Profile – the employee has to have ticked the ‘I currently work here’ box.

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3)      Follow the Company – Ensure that all employees Follow your company Profile. Just as with Facebook we can gather ‘Likes’ and on follower we can gain, followers – so too can people follow your company profile on LinkedIn.  This is effectively the same as subscribing to receive your updates – so be sure that all employees are following the company so that they are listening in to what the company is saying through the Company Profile Status updates – and have the opportunity to amplify these core messages to their connections too.

That’s it – simple – but surprising just how many companies miss out by not having these elements aligned.

Enjoy – and any questions or insights you’d like to share, please get in touch – and of course – Follow Carvill Creative on LinkedIn too…

Michelle Carvill is Founder and Marketing Consultant at Carvill Creative – the online visibility experts, providing social media, marketing, digital and web solutions.  Also, Co-Author of The Business of Being Social – Harnessing the Power of Social Media for Business – available in paperback and Kindle via Crimson Publishing or Amazon.