Instagram for Business – Part 2

Now that you’re all set up on Instagram, it’s time for the most important part – utilising the app for the benefit of your business!

Let’s start off with Photo Maps – this is a part of Instagram that many people don’t use. It’s very important for businesses as it puts your business on the map – literally!

Use Photo Maps:

Photo Maps are used to showcase where you’ve taken your photos, or explore where others have taken them via a map – this also lets you rediscover previous Instagram memories.

With every photo you add, you can link it to your map as long as you’re connected to Wi-Fi or 3G. Here, your device logs the co-ordinates of where you are (where the photo was taken) and utilises that information so you have the ability to add that photo to your Photo Map.

It’s a great way to showcase where your business is and to see pictures of other people and places nearby!

How to do it:

When uploading a photo, turn the ‘Add to Photo Map section to on,’ Instagram will send you a push notification and ask to use your current location – select OK.

Then, share your photo – your selected location will appear alongside the photo and your followers will be able see where your pictures were taken whenever you upload one!

This is useful to attract attention from fans, especially if they are nearby to your business.


Instagram also added a fairly new feature that allows you to tag people in the pictures you share. This is a great way to encourage engagement for your business and lets others know more about you and your whereabouts!

Tap ‘Add People’ which is under your pictures caption – then click wherever you want to tag on the screen then search for the name you want to tag, simple! Think of it like tagging someone as you would on Facebook – it’s the same thing.

Get Recognised – Use Hashtags:

Adding hashtags to your photos allows you to find new followers and share your photos with more people. To get the most out of them, you’ll want to keep a few things in mind:

  • Be Specific

Choose specific hashtags that will help you connect with others similar to your business or to target a certain group of people to get them interested in your brand/business.

Tip: The more specific you are, the easier it will be for others to see your pictures as your tag will be added to that highly targeted tag page.

  • Be Relevant

Make it easy for other like-minded Instagrammers to find you by making sure your tags fully describe your photo.

Using very general tags might get you a few likes, but when over 700,000 people use the same tag, it’s a lot more difficult for your photo to stand out and connect with the people most like you.

Tip: Relevant tags will help you attract new followers and people who take a genuine interest in your photos!

  • Be Observant

Pay attention to the other hashtags used on photos that use similar tags to you. You may discover a popular hashtag that you hadn’t thought of!

Hashtags can be used in every single one of your Instagram posts and can help narrow down searches so that others who may be interested in your pictures can easily find them in one single search.

Key tip – make sure you hashtag your business name! This gets your name out there and makes it easier for people to search for you!

Why Instagram is good for your Business:

  • A picture is worth a thousand words

Gives you the opportunity to translate the passion of what you offer or do into visual images.

Most people like to look at interesting images and if you can “draw” them in with a photo that is an “ad” but isn’t, it could end up worth as much as some of the best advertising campaigns out there!

  • Encourage customer participation

Once you have built a reasonable amount of followers, the door is wide open to encourage customers to exchange and participate in exchanges involving your business.

Tip – Why not encourage them to share photos of themselves using your product or service, if appropriate?

  • Allows you to build a personality for your business

You decide how your business is perceived by your customers and potential leads. Think about what message you’re trying to give…

The right photos shared on Instagram can go a long way in building a personality for your brand, so just keep that in mind!

Finally – it gives your business the opportunity to have fun and get creative! The opportunities are endless!

Take a look at this link for some inspiring Instagram accounts – and yes, that is General Electric that made the Top 10!

We hope this has persuaded you to get your business onto Instagram! Happy snapping.

Our Instagram for Business – Part 3 – looks at the wonders of video on Instagram. Coming next…so stay tuned.