How To Make the Most of your Facebook Business Page – get those ‘likes’ in

  • Ask questions

Use your facebook statuses and wall posts to ask questions. So simple but very effective – provide your audience/prospective audience with an easy opportunity to enagage with your page. Facebook users are far more likely to notice you if you pose questions they want to get involved with. If you don’t ask…you don’t get.facebook-logo

  • Post games and trivia

Keep things light – remember that you’re trying to sell your page, if you were at an exhibition or show you might have a bowl full of sweets to entice the crowds to your stand. It’s a bit harder to offer sweets online, for obvious reasons, so be creative and lure them with trivia and fun games. It also keeps your already existing fans entertained and reminded of your presence

  • Interact with fan engagement

Make sure you answer queries, complaints and compliments on a daily basis. If people see that you’re really listening then they’ll engage more and more. They are far more likely to ‘like’ your page if it’s evident that they’ll be able to contact your business through it. If your page wall is full of unanswered fans it doesn’t look great either – you wouldn’t leave a customer waiting at your till for six days – so don’t leave them waiting on your wall either.

  • Incorporate Promotions and sales (vouchers, competitions etc.)

I would say this is probably one of the most successful ways to get the ‘likes’ rolling in. Everybody loves a bargain, especially when times are tough. If you’re offering a promotion or discount solely through Facebook it’s remarkable how supportive people will suddenly become of your business page.

  • Incorporate relevant photos

Visuals are evidently effective and this has been proved in many areas of business. Keep your page bright and interesting with photos that will encourage people to get ‘liking’. This is incredibly important if you don’t have a website as people will rely solely on your page for pictures of your products. I stumbled across this Facebook business page 'Lilah' – a small clothes business that uses the photo application to their best advantage. You could spend hours dreamily looking at their beautiful clothes and would be far more likely to purchase from ‘Lilah’ than if the page was just text.

  • Relate to current events

If it’s Halloween or Valentine’s Day then make the most of it. There are a lot of events in the calendar that can be used to your advantage. Keep your designs, competitions, polls, blog posts in keeping with calendar events, seasons and current affairs. If your page is promoting something Valentinsey and it's four days til Febuary 14th then people will be inclined to check you out.

  • Incorporate videos

We can’t tell you enough how powerful videos are for your business. For example - say you’re a painter/decorator that has a business page on Facebook and you’ve just finished a job. Ask your client if you can video them for one minute reviewing your service. You can record them on your smartphone and have it uploaded to your business page in seconds. That video will probably be the most transparent and trustworthy piece of information on your page, you can’t get more powerful than that.

  • Include links in your status updates and wall posts

This is the perfect way to drive traffic to your website or blog and gives your readers something meaty to read or look at. There’s only so much that you can get across in a status update and updates shouldn't be too long anyway– so save the in depth discussion for your links.

Any other tips out there? Please feel free to share anything that can help others make the most of their business page

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Enjoy the post… Vikki

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