Facebook Security Settings...turn yours on!

There is a lot in the press at the moment about how Facebook are improving their security settings – complaints of spamming, identity theft and bullying via Facebook have forced the site to get stricter and savvier with their security settings.98874478 We want to make sure that you are taking full advantage of the security settings that are available to you by simply ensuring that yours are switched on. Unless you have actually switched on the settings yourself then it is unlikely that you are browsing through the site safely as the default setting is non secure.

You should therefore follow these simple steps:

Take a look at your URL (top box on your screen.)

If you see "http" or just "www" instead of "https" you DO NOT HAVE ANY SECURITY ENABLED & can be hacked.

Go to Account Settings - Click Security on the left top corner -click Edit, Check box (secure browsing), click Save.

Do everyone a huge favour and pass this message on to anyone who has a facebook account.

Other things you can be doing to ensure that your identity is protected -

• Facebook Guide to Privacy

At the very bottom of every page on Facebook, there's a link that reads "Privacy." The linked page is "A guide to privacy on Facebook," which contains the details of the latest privacy settings and what they mean. If you are worried, use the "Preview my profile" button on any privacy settings page to check how your profile appears to other facebook users/friends

• Think carefully about who you allow to become your friend

Once you have accepted someone as your friend, remember that they will be able to access any information about you (including photographs) that you have marked as viewable by your friends. If you are concerned about them gaining any information about you from your facebook profile, don’t accept them as a friend. You can remove friends at any time and report anyone to facebook who is abusing you by the click of a button

• Show "limited friends" less of your profile.

You can choose to make people 'limited friends' who can only have access to a limited version of your profile if you wish. This can be useful if you have associates who you do not wish to give full friend status to, or feel uncomfortable sharing personal information with.

Keep yourself secure and protected on social media sites – we have the option to do so now and should be making the most of it.

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