Facebook ‘Nearby’ Search Feature: Another Reason for Your Business to Create a Facebook Page.

Whilst it is reported that there are over 1bn Facebook users- there are still many local businesses without a Facebook business page.

A recent Facebook update; ‘Facebook Nearby’ – gives businesses even more of a reason to sign onto the Facebook network and create their very own Facebook Business Page to keep them on the map and aid visibility.

Facebooks’ nearby tab was originally used in personal profiles showing people where their friends’ had ‘checked in.’

Facebook has now built on this app turning it into a business local search engine where you can discover places and local businesses nearby. Searches can be done using either a business name or category – such as coffee shop, restaurants, bars etc.

At the moment this is only available on Facebook mobile phone apps due to Facebook wanting to engage on a deeper level with their fans via mobile as they believe it will offer a ‘word of mouth at scale.’

The update was designed to make the Facebook mobile app a go-to source for finding out local information in each of the selected categories.

This is a new marketing opportunity that you don’t want to miss out on. It enables you to:


  1. Put your businesses face onto the map- offering search and discovery of any other local businesses in the area.


  1. Lets you know where friends and fans are and the local businesses they have checked into.


  1. Offers a places category- where you are able to search for places in different categories such as nearby, restaurants, nightlife, outdoors, shopping etc.


  1. Useful marketing resource to motivate other Facebook users- through engagement you can discover what others think of local businesses.


  1. Measure and rate a business through a 5 star ranking system where the businesses that have been ranked the highest and have the higher levels of engagement are more likely to appear first in Facebook’s search filters.


  1. Users also have the option to like, call and get directions for the business they want to connect with- Straight from their mobile.


Facebook’s ‘Nearby’ search engine will deliver results from local Business Page – so remember, if you don’t have a page- You won’t show up!

Get your business noticed and create your Facebook business page now! See our useful guide to help get your Facebook Business Page started.