Artist uses Twitter in Treasure Hunt for free Artwork

An abstract artist that goes by the Twitter handle @streetartdrop – has got fans on Twitter closely watching his tweets for clues as to where they can get their hands on his free artwork.   street art drop twitter article

The artist has been going around Buckinghamshire, Berkshire and London leaving large canvas paintings literally, on the streets for anyone to find and claim for themselves.

He’s using the power of Twitter to share clues with his followers as to the whereabouts of each of his paintings. And in doing so – his followers have doubled in just a couple of days.

We started following him on Saturday – having found out about his activity chatting over the fence with a neighbour. But this chatter is spreading much wider – and that’s definitely @streetartdrop ‘s intention.

But who is this masked man? And what is his purpose?

The artist goes by the name of Letts, Paul Letts and is 37 from Buckinghamshire. The father of two is an electrician and has already dropped more than 60 pieces of abstract art which he created at his studio in Flackwell Health.

He says “I came up with idea to leave 200 canvases in accessible places around the country with the aim of them all going on a journey of their own. I have spent one year producing this work and I just want to share it with people.”

His mission now is to take his art drops nationwide. paull letts, streetart drop, twitter treasure hunt, street artists, street art

After tweeting the name of the location he intends to visit, he leaves his artwork usually by street signs, for others to find. Anyone who spots the colourful canvases can literally pick them up and take them home for free. It’s becoming a race to the treasure.

We personally love how innovative this guy is – using Twitter as a vehicle to share clues to a wide audience – and in turn get everyone talking about him and tuning in.

As we always say – content matters on social – after all the ‘media’element of ‘social media’ is the core element that people are interested in.  And @streetartdrop gets that.  He’s created a ‘game’ – a fun art treasure hunt – using Twitter as the vehicle to share clues into an ever growing  tribe of followers. Hat’s off to him!

So, if you are looking for some free and interesting art which has a story to tell – then follow @streetardrop on Twitter and be sure to follow the clues for the next painting which may be coming to a street near you sometime soon!

You can also check out his website too – we love it… .

Kat West is Social Media Exec at Carvill Creative, Online Visibility Experts.