10 Rocking Social Media Stats.

After reading a brilliant article called ’12 Social Media stats that will rock your world’ – I’ve taken 10 of the most rocking figures and shown you what they could mean for your business. 1.      Over 70% of the internet population are using social networks

  • This doesn’t just include Twitter and Facebook and it highlights that social media is now considered mainstream – so don’t ignore it

2.      In Europe 50% of people are a member of just one social network 

  • Find out where your customers and clients tend to hang out – is it Facebook? Twitter? Youtube? Or is it all three? Find it and utilise it.     
3. Google+ already has 60 million users
  • Don’t be cliquey in your social networking – incorporate newcomers to the group.  Just because they are new doesn’t mean they’re not good. Remember what Facebook did to MySpace – blew them out of the water!

 4.      Peak usage for Twitter is between 2pm and 6pm

  • This is quite a small window so remember these times and ensure that you tweet within them.

 5.      The average Facebook session lasts 37 minutes.

  • This is a relatively short time indicating that users have a short attention span when it comes to reading content online. Keep your content – short and interesting.

6.      36% of people have posted about a brand on social networking sites.

  • This means that people don’t just talk about their cheese sandwiches and which movie they saw last night on social media. Large proportions are talking about brands – their products, services and customer service. If your customers are talking about your brand then make sure you’re listening.

7.      42% of social media users have actually had a conversation with a brand via social networks.

  • This figure indicates that social media users are not afraid to contact brands over social networks. If your brand is on social media do you have the resources in place to ensure that 42% of people are being answered and not ignored?

8.      The average number of Facebook contacts per users is 133 (on Twitter it’s 59)

  • While these figures look small remember that ‘people know people’ and that small numbers turns into frighteningly large numbers when the 6 degrees of separation rule demonstrates how friends of friends can balloon your reach. That’s why it’s important to get customer service spot on as bad news travels far and wide.

9.      Only 15% of social media users have been contacted by a company after posting a negative experience.

  • This shocking statistic gives you a chance to stand out from the crowd – Listen to your customers and provide a level of customer service that others are failing to offer. 

10.   79% of consumers have passed on a negative experience and 82% will stop doing business with a company because         of a negative experience

  • Getting it right clearly matters. Social media can help you turn these potential defectors into your most vocal supporters

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