10 Millions Reasons to Leverage LinkedIn - Webinar

When I meet people during my life consulting or via the  social media training I do, when we talk Social Media - LinkedIn is the one network business people seem most comfortable with. Ask the question - 'Are you on LinkedIn?' - and 95% of the audience will say, 'Yes'.  However, when I then ask the question - 'And how many of those of you on LinkedIn have a Profile which is 100% complete?' - then conversely, around 5% of the audience answers positively.

This recent webinar I ran with www.businesstrainingmadesimple.com - is a 40 minute gem which focuses on

  1. Getting your LinkedIn Personal Profile to 100% complete and why it matters.
  2. The New LinkedIn Company Profiles - and how to showcase your business, products and services to drive more online visibility and leverage your employees and their connections.
  3. Groups, LinkedIn Answers and more...
Enjoy the webinar - and if you get something out of it or have any questions - do let me know and don't forget to share the knowledge and pass this learning on to friends and business colleagues.


Best wishes


@Michelle Carvill is owner and Marketing Director at Carvill Creative – the online visibility experts. A digital marketing and design agency.  Carvill Creative covers all aspects of online visibility - social media marketing and social media training, user focused website planning and conversion focused website design .

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