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Networking – strike whilst the iron’s hot

I met up with a friend recently who was telling me about his business plans for 2009 – to grow his business from a client base of 60 to 120 – so in effect, doubling it.

Refreshing that in these ‘doom and gloom days’ he wasn’t just ‘playing it safe’ but planned to get out there and grow his business.

We’d met because he wanted to get my views on how he was going about doing just that – and whether I could offer any advice.

The nature of his business is largely ‘high involvement advisory’ and so he was already aware that real leverage from marketing this type of service comes from ‘relationship marketing’ and ‘influencer referral/recommendation’.  He had already got a targeted list of key influencers he wanted to ‘court’ – and had enrolled in a range of networking  activities where he could start to ‘network’ with relevant influencers.

All seemed very well thought out – and then we got round to talking about ‘implementation’ – and how he was going about things.

Here were some key findings:

The Pitch:

I asked him what his ‘pitch’ was when attending the networking groups.  He looked at me aghast.  I queried further, you know, what’s your pitch?  What are you saying about yourself in your ‘allocated slot’ to explain very succinctly what it is you do, what you are looking to achieve, and how people can help you.

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