What’s WE COVER in ‘the CONNECTED LEADER’ Program

  • Short introduction to the digital landscape and changing consumer behaviours and what it means for leaders.

  • Gain clarity on your purpose and message and what’s appropriate for social media communications. Answering questions around ‘How you show up’, balancing blend of professional and personal messaging.

  • Risks, reputation and best practice. Protecting yourself, your brand and your business.

  • Define clear objectives and develop a practical and personal ‘connected leader’ digital communications strategy and plan of action.

  • Understanding your role in the context of the organisation’s digital strategy and activity.

  • Content strategy: You are what you share. The practicalities of content curation and development. Tips for communicating effectively online.

  • Understanding key social media channels: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Youtube. And importantly, which are right for you. And the do’s and don’ts of digital communication and how it differs platform to platform.Practical examples of how social media is being used for leadership communications - critique and what could you do better.

  • How listening and monitoring via social media aids better business decisions.

  • Managing conflict on digital channels.

  • How to build positive connections on digital channels.

  • Getting started: The practicalities of implementation, resources: time, competence, team.

  • Measuring what matters: KPI setting and monitoring impact and performance.

  • Development of your 30 / 60 and 90 day action plan.

© Carvill Creative 2019

© Carvill Creative 2019


 Resources include:

  • Books: #Get Social - Social Media Strategy and Tactics for Leader / The Business of Being Social

  • LinkedIn Profile Checklist

  • The Connected Leader Digital Literacy Scorecard

  • Content Planning Template

  • 30/60/90 Plan Template.

  • Post training coaching call

Optional: Access to the online digital training program The Connected Leader Program - which includes the above and training courses for each social media channel. (Access is managed via an annual license fee per user).