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Social media technologies provide powerful, practical and far reaching communication tools for today's leaders.

This training program will provide you with the skills you need to build an effective digital footprint and communicate successfully with your audiences in this digital age.

Led by Michelle Carvill, a highly experienced and respected marketing and digital consultant and social media expert, speaker and shortlisted leadership author, the program is designed to be highly practical and engaging.

You will work through practical exercises and tasks to ensure you become fully conversant with how to engage with social technologies, the tactics to apply, clarity on what’s relevant for you - addressing both internal and external social technologies. You’ll come away from the program with confidence, clarity and a clear and robust leadership communications strategy, aligned with the overarching objectives of your business. 

The Program includes a one to one personal follow up call for each attendee with Michelle Carvill to discuss any challenges or general queries or to review / feedback on activity to date. 


Program fees will vary dependent upon the level of tailoring to your specific needs.

The full-day program delivered off site in London is: £797.00 (exVAT) per attendee. (Central London venue, fully catered). (Min 12 attendees)

The full-day program delivered on site at your organisation is: £597.00 (exVAT) per attendee. (Min 5 attendees).


Flexible Delivery:

  • The program can be highly customised and delivered as a live immersive masterclass for individuals or teams, adjusted accordingly to meet objectives and preferred timeframes.

  • The program has been delivered as a 6-week digital online coaching program via live webinars. (Ideal for teams in multiple locations or time zones).

  • One to one leadership coaching and ongoing mentoring also available.

What will you learn on the program:

  • Explore digital strategy and social technologies and how each social media channel works – advantages and disadvantages.

  • Develop valuable skills to optimise your personal and professional and internal and external digital communication.

  • Understand which channels are right for you in the context of ‘leader’.

  • Gain clarity on your purpose and message and what’s appropriate for social media communications. Answering questions around ‘How to show up’ and balance and blend professional and personal messaging.

  • Develop a clear content strategy and curation process and map out exactly how to keep your content pipeline flowing.

  • Get absolute clarity on risks, reputation and best practice. Protecting yourself, your brand and your business.

  • Define clear objectives and develop a practical and personal ‘connected leader’ digital communications strategy and plan of action.

Why do I need to take this course – in 60 seconds:

  • The pace and growth of digital technologies present a new set of communication opportunities and challenges for leadership teams and leaders.

  • The opportunity to share voice, defend decisions, learn from others, showcase values, drive conversations, join in relevant conversations and importantly, tune in and listen – have been shown to drive both trust and bottom line impact. Not to mention to inspire and encourage those that ‘follow the leader’ to really get to know, like and trust you.

  • The challenge of keeping up with it all, having clarity on how to use the technologies to your advantage, mitigate risks, and at all times be responsible with both personal and organisational values.

  • Leaders and leadership teams that responsibly embrace digital communications have the opportunity to reconnect many disconnects and build trust and inspire people, both within their organisations and beyond.


What’s WE COVER in ‘the CONNECTED LEADER’ Program

  • Introduction to the digital landscape and what it means for leaders.

  • Changing behaviours – ‘the Superpowered’ consumer and where digital technologies fit in along the ‘customer journey’.

  • Reviewing your digital footprint and your digital IQ and social literacy. Exploring ‘How you currently show up’.

  • Exploring your why, your purpose and how you can translate your message to relevant audiences via digital communications.

  • Understanding your role in the context of the organisation’s digital strategy and activity.

  • Getting clarity on your content and messaging and personal communication values.

  • Understanding key social media channels: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Youtube. And importantly, which are right for you. And the do’s and don’ts of digital communication and how it differs platform to platform.Practical examples of how social media is being used for leadership communications - critique and what could you do better.

  • How listening and monitoring via social media aids better business decisions.

  • Selecting and developing your personal platforms: Social media account set up and structure, intranets, blogs. (And reviewing any internal platforms).

  • How to manage conflict on digital channels.

  • How to build positive connections on digital channels.

  • Content strategy: You are what you share. The practicalities of content curation and development. Tips for communicating effectively online.

  • Getting started: The practicalities of implementation, resources: time, competence, team.

  • Measuring what matters: KPI setting and monitoring impact and performance.

  • Development of your 30 / 60 and 90 day action plan.

 Resources include:

  • Books: Get Social / The Business of Being Social

  • Checklists

  • Get Social Digital Literacy Scorecard

  • Range of exercises

  • 90 Day Plan Template

  • Content Planning Template

  • Recordings of any webinars / online program training where relevant.

  • Program deck

  • Post training accountability check-in call

Optional: Access to the online digital training program The Connected Leader Program - which includes the above and training courses for each social media channel. (Access is managed via an annual license fee per user).


About Michelle Carvill

Michelle Carvill has had a career in strategic marketing for 27 years. A practitioner not a theorist.

Michelle’s current mission is two-fold; 1) Educating leaders, leadership teams and game changers (whether technophobes or techsavvy) about the digital and social landscape and the competitive advantage social media and digital transformation can bring and 2) Equipping leaders with enough strategic insight and practical tactics so that they can build effective digital footprints both personally and for their organisations becoming competent ‘connected communicators’.

For over a decade Michelle has championed social media, educating, implementing, managing, coaching and consulting literally thousands of people across a range of organisations, including the BBC, PWC, LinkedIn, ACC, Air Products, Norbord Europe, Tottenham Hotspur Foundation, Oxford Farming Conference, PR Week, ICAEW, CIM, and IDM to name a few.

She is a regular contributor to BBC Radio, the Institute of Directors, The Chartered Institute of Marketing and numerous magazines and trade journals as an expert in the field of social media, digital and the ‘connected’ future of leadership.

She is the published author of three books in the digital technologies arena. #GetSocial Social Media Strategy and Tactics for Leaders, Shortlisted for the Business Books Awards 2019 - Leadership Category. Michelle is currently writing her fourth book.


Who we’ve worked with



"Michelle is a knowledge expert on the topic of marketing and social media - she really knows how all the various social networks/sites work, and how they can be used strategically to achieve business objectives. Her event was constructive, full of practical and implementable action plans / info / tips and delivered in a really friendly approachable manner." Andrew Dobson - Senior Marketing and Innovation Professional.  

"As a digital marketing consulting, there are very few people I would trust to talk to my clients about social media and digital communications. Michelle is one of them. Her book, Get Social, proves why." David Miles, Founder and CEO.  

"Michelle has done some great work with my team and a number of events and webinars with our clients. She shared her wealth of knowledge around how leaders, and specifically CEOs should be social. We learned a lot and our clients felt it was extremely valuable and gave extremely positive feedback. Thank you Michelle." Ollie Sharpe, UK Senior Sales Manager, Search and Staffing, LinkedIn.  

"I attended a full day event delivered by Michelle. She is an excellent presenter and provided very valuable insights in a fun and enthusiastic manner. I would recommend anyone wishing to find out more about social media and digital communications to attend one of Michelle's events as she is an expert in her field." Joanna Birch, Business Development Manager, Infinigate UK

  "Actionable, Interactive, Engaging and Empowering - One of the best professional Social Media trainings I ever have taken. Highly recommended." Michael Lindner, MBA Manager Alliances & Channels, Oracle Marketing Cloud, Germany/Switzerland/Benelux/Nordics  

“I strongly recommend you follow and engage with Michelle Carvill – a genuine thought leader.” Dan Dackcombe, LinkedIn Global Director – Search and Staffing.

“Michelle is ahead of the game when it comes to marketing strategy and digital communications, so when you’re working with Michelle, you’re already future proofing your business.”  Grant Pierrus, Founder, Director – The Interior Style Hunter

“Michelle is f.a.b.u.l.o.u.s. You will leave your training feeling energised and inspired to take action after spending time with her, whether you are talking digital marketing or social media – or not!”  Sarah Kerrigan, Social Media and Digital Marketing Training, Jellyfish

“Michelle walks the talk – a 3 times published author of social tech. If it’s a marketing and communications challenge, Michelle’s the person to get clarity from and help to make it happen.” Elizabeth Floyd, Digital Consultant.

“I have a much clearer bigger picture and critically, a more focused, week by week action plan for the steps I need to take.”  Diane Kenwood, Founder, These Are The Heydays"



Program fees will vary dependent upon the level of tailoring to your specific needs.

The full-day program delivered off site in London is: £797.00 (exVAT) per attendee. (Central London venue, fully catered). (Min 12 attendees)

The full-day program delivered on site at your organisation is: £597.00 (exVAT) per attendee. (Min 5 attendees). *Training program fees may vary dependent upon the level of tailoring to your specific needs.