Some of the logos created for our clients

Some of the logos created for our clients

LOGO Briefing Form

An effective logo is an encapsulation of your brand. It should be memorable, appropriate and timeless. It should convey to the viewer your intended message about who you are and what you do in a simple and graphic form. It should be versatile and scalable, clear and distinctive, and work across multiple platforms including print and digital media.

However, an effective logo is only as good as the brief. If the brief is lacking in detail then it is very difficult to design a good logo. Try building a house from a very rough sketch on a napkin! The briefing form below is intended to cover as much detail as possible in order to make the whole design process flow easily, culminating in a great logo.

Name *
Business Address *
Business Address
1. Who will be responsible for approving the logo designs?
Type of company
Number of offices/outlets
BRAND INFORMATION - This questionnaire is designed to give us a fundamental understanding of business, so that our design proposals are appropriate and effective. Please take a little time to consider your answers carefully as they will form the cornerstone of our design brief.
2. What are we branding?
This is just a short statement to tell us about the business idea: when you started, what you stand for and where you see your business in the future
A. Business to Business? What type of businesses? (eg law firms) Likely size? (eg local, national, multinational) Any geographic or ethnic considerations? Likely decision makers: male or female/likely age/likely position within the organisation? B. Consumers/general public? Age Group? Male Female? Status (Eg Student, mother, professional, retired) Special interests or values? (E.g. fishing, environmental issues)
Please include web addresses if possible
What makes your product or service different, what’s your unique selling point?
Your logo should project those values and characteristics which you would like people to associate with the product/service you offer. Please try to choose a maximum of four..
Should your product or service appear to be:
Where is your logo likely to be applied?
For example: Identity of parent company/authority Colours of existing vans, uniforms, interior design schemes Existing website or format of shop signs
Payment Terms. We will not begin your project until you have accepted our firm quotation for the work. We generally ask for 50% payment upfront and the balance on completion. This ensures we are committed to working with each other and reaching a successful conclusion. Once we have received your full payment copyright ownership of the design will automatically be transferred to you.
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