Coaching Programs and FTI Accountability

Whether you are looking for one to one coaching for yourself or your team - we’re able to develop a coaching program to suit your requirements.

Coaching programs are different to our training courses. Coaching tends to focus on shorter spells over a longer period of time.

Coaching topics include:

  • The #GetSocial Connected Leader Program – A program focused on working with leaders and leadership teams to gain a comprehensive overview of how to successfully utilise modern day channels to optimised connected communications. Helping you to gain clarity on voice, message, purpose, communication channels, content and content development, frequency levels and fundamentally, tying activity into the overarching business strategy.

    This program has also been delivered anonymously.

  • Business Coaching – Starting with the end in mind we assess your challenges and requirements. Utilising some basic assessment models - gap analysis, swot analysis and priority matrices, this helps to bring clarity around internal and external dynamics, landscape, resources and helps to map out an agreed path to progress.

  • Digital Coaching – Again, we assess your specific requirements and build out a program to support and develop required competence across the digital spectrum. Covering all the usual digital aspects: Content marketing, SEO, Social Media, Paid Advertising, Email, Affiliate,

How our coaching programs work:
Our focus is to be as useful and effective as possible, acknowledging the need for flexibility and to create an effective partnership that keeps you engaged and focused and works for you without losing the necessary momentum required to see things through and drive results.

At the outset, we meet to get clarity on where you are now and where you want to get to. Working collaboratively, we prioritise activity and agree a schedule and timeframe that works for you.

FTI – Failure to implement is a disease we can all fall victim too. There’s always something else to focus on if we don’t hold ourselves accountable to seeing things through.

Throughout your agreed program, there will be very clear accountability aspects – including weekly check-ins and monthly sit downs.

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