Social Media activity - once you stop can you ever catch up?

Over the past few weeks (probably 6 in total) I’ve been unable to post blogs. Following the much tweeted about ‘Word Press’ hack – (and yes, my blog was indeed infiltrated and messed upReseau 3D bleusignificantly) – I thought I’d take advantage of having to reload my blog by moving it to my site (WHAT, I hear all SEO experts stating – she hasn’t got her blog on her site – longtail blah blah blah).  Yes, I know that it’s really poor from an SEO perspective, but my blog wasn’t started as a content and traffic builder for my site – it was a genuine attempt at independently sharing my marketing views, news and ideas and advice without having any ‘sales’ push.

Anyway – back to the blog, it’s now finally moved – so now I can happily post again.

And of course, what I’ve observed is that by not posting to my blog regularly – I’ve noticed that other things related to social media have also started to slow down.

  • I haven’t visited / participated in as many of the  forums I usually visit
  • I haven’t tweeted as much as usual
  • I haven’t been vigilant with my Tweetbeep alerts
  • And I haven’t even been checking out who is following me!

This lack of blogging activity, coupled with a few fab days away for a birthday celebration with girlfriends – has meant that over all, my social media activity has slowed from a force 7 to a force 1.

What’s daunting however is that in just a few weeks, as I now get back onto Twitter and the forums – so much activity seems to have happened – there’s so much that I’ve missed out on.  Already there are tons of other people out there – my Tweet Beep alerts are consistently firing new Twitterers – which I am again researching and if relevant then following.  All my blog posts have vanished from the ‘Latest Posts’ on the forums - it’s amazing how quickly you can drop out of the loop.  And there’s been so much activity on the forums – there’s just so much I could have been participating in!

So key things I take from this – which I didn’t fully appreciate before:

  1. My blogging activity is the lead in my social media activity – if I don’t blog, I tend not to share my posts and tweet and then get involved with my regular social media environments.
  2. If for reasons beyond my control, (life, bugs, holidays etc) I fall out of the loop – it’s as quick to get back on bandwagon as it was to fall off.  That’s the beauty of social media.
  3. However, it’s probably best to stick at it and keep building momentum.  As when you stop – others do not.
  4. Social media activity is still relatively fertile territory for the majority – so rather than give myself a hard time for not being as proactive as usual with my activity – give myself a break and realise that ‘hey, you’re still ahead of the majority’.

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