Blogging the Seth Godin way - it's Eastenders...!

A couple of months ago I wrote a blog piece 'Blogging the Seth Godin way...' .  Effectively, it was a post about what I was learning about blogging from Seth Godin - focusing on the range of subjects he included - the different sized posts (some very long, others just a paragraph) and frequency levels - keeping under my nose at least daily!   Whilst I enjoyed reading Seth's musings (which came in thick and fast for a period of time) - I have to say that the 'Seth' folder in my inbox is now stacked with stuff I need to read.  And being the type of person who likes to keep on top of things and keep my inbox as up to date as possible - I'm afraid I find myself hitting the 'delete' button when that folder gets too full.  So all of Seth's wise and wonderful advice is zapped from my view in a click!

Dosh however, the other blogger I follow, writes a long piece probably once perhaps twice a month.  And I always read it.

So what does this tell me - great advice from both - one coming in thick and fast and the other coming in relatively slowly...

Whilst I value what Seth has to say - I consider it quite 'samey' and so I am happy to delete this.  Why?  Because I know that I'll be getting other stuff through soon enough and when I pick it up it will be just as relevant - and so it doesn't really matter if I miss a few.

With Dosh Dosh ( - I value what he has to say, but his posts are more 'meaningful' and practical to my work and so there's no way I'd miss a post.

Of course - these views are clearly only my perception.  I'm sure that Seth's posts are just as 'meaningful' as Dosh Dosh's - but my perception is different.  Seth by being the prolific blogger is making me behave in a more disposable way with his messages - whilst Dosh Dosh being 'rarer' I consider more precious!

Blogging the Seth Godin way is I suppose  like following a soap - I used to watch Eastenders (much to my husbands utter disbelief) and even now - as a not so regular watcher, when I do catch the odd program, I can pretty much work out where things are up to in about 3 minutes.  The soap is on pretty much most evenings - and so if I miss it - it's not a big deal!   Is that how I now view Seth's blog posts...!

So what do I take from taking a step back and analysing my own online behaviour - and how will this influence my blogging:

Well, I will continue to blog once a week - and I will ensure that my posts 'mean' something - make a difference, give a key message, offer practical advice.

Soaps are hugely popular - but they don't give much do they (sorry Seth!).  I'd rather be a 'Grand Designs' - something I look forward to once a week - and record so as not to miss it.

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