Database Management

Once you've agreed the type of information that you are going to collect, and created the relevant fields for your database.  The next stage is to input or import the data. Until your database is well established, it is wise to give responsibility to one individual for overall Database Management.  This Database Manager will set up a ‘protocol' for how data should be entered, which fields have to be filled, and is responsible for the deletion or addition of entries.

It is also important to regularly ‘clean' your database.  If a mailing is returned marked ‘gone away' be sure that your database is ‘up-dated' accordingly.  Aim for your database to be 99% accurate at all times.

The platform for your Marketing activities

Once your database is established it becomes the focal point for all your marketing activities.

All too often businesses embark on marketing activities without having an efficient means of delivery.  With a sturdy and accurate database in place, marketing activities are far more successful, as the method of communication is easy. 

Also - email marketing had rapidly grown and is now a key marketing tool. In fact for many businesses it's the preferred communication medium. It's an efficient and inexpensive way to communicate with customers. 

Further, why not add a fun element to your database - which also lets your customer think that you are thinking of them.  It is likely you will hold dates of birth - why not schedule a simple ‘Happy Birthday' email.

Your database is the nerve centre for all your marketing activities, providing you with a means to apply tactics to nurture your customers and capture prospective ones.




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