Boris Johnson a sublime marketer

Were you as captivated as I last night watching the BBC's  'Who do you think you are?' featuring Boris Johnson?  I have to admit I'm a bit of a Boris fan anyway - as whilst he comes across as a bumbling fool - he isn't - however, his self esteem is happy to play the 'jester' and he certainly doesn't appear to take himself too seriously.  In my view he brings an 'angle' to the world of politics which often seems lacking: he comes across as personable; and, is usually hugely amusing - (and one of the better presenters 'Have I got news' has hosted) - very endearing traits.  In my view he is somewhat of an enigma as beyond the persona of the self depricating jester - is an extremely driven, passionate and successful journalist and politician - who isn't afraid to ruffle a few feathers - yet still seems to win people round to his way of thinking.   As one would expect of any successful politician, he's well aware of his own 'brand' and the importance of  'marketing' to his target audiences - and it was sweet to see him reassuring his constituents in Henley that he also has 'several 'British' ancestors' as well as the European and Turkish routes confirmed in the programme.  'Being a posh foreign toff is not good PR' - Boris reminded us...

Boris Johnson as Prime Minister would be a most refreshing change - it could even be fun.   I'm sure there's already a blog supporting Boris for Prime Minister - if so - send me a link, I'll sign up!

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MarketingMichelle Carvill