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Founded in 2003, Carvill Creative - a digital marketing agency is the product of two creatives who also happen to be husband and wife. You’ll find a range of Services as to how we work with others - and also what people say about working with us.

To find out more about the founders, read on…

Michelle Carvill

Michelle Carvill is a strategic marketer, digital agency founder and three times published author in the social media space. Within Carvill, she develops and drives marketing strategy for clients - and leads a team of digital marketers and social media managers.

Her latest book, ‘#GetSocial – Social Media Strategy and Tactics for Leaders’, was a Finalist in the 2019 Business Book Awards - Leadership category and published by Kogan Page in May 2018. #GetSocial helps leaders and game changers understand social media from a strategic perspective and gain confidence with the social technologies and digital transformation

Social and digital technologies continue to pervade our lives and social media is fast becoming a leadership core competence. Ignoring social technologies is no longer an option. Therefore, Michelle’s mission is two-fold;

1) Educating leaders, leadership teams and game changers (whether technophones of techsavvy) about the social landscape and the competitive advantage social media and digital transformation can bring and

2) Equipping leaders and game changers with enough strategic insight and practical tactics so that they can partake and communicate confidently.

For over 10 years Michelle has championed social media for businesses, educating, implementing, managing, coaching and consulting literally thousands of people across a range of events and organisations, including the BBC, PWC, LinkedIn, ACC, Air Products, Norbord Europe, Tottenham Hotspur Foundation, Oxford Farming Conference, PR Week, ICAEW, CIM, IDM, to name but a few. Her insights, models, frameworks and know-how are based on years of experience, learning, testing, adapting, tuning in and understanding what really works.

Michelle is known as a genuine thought-leader. She is a regular contributor to BBC Radio, the Institute of Directors, CIM and numerous magazines and trade journals as an expert in the field of social media and digital marketing.


Kevin Carvill

Kevin has been working in the creative industry for the last thirty five years and in that time has seen an enormous technological and cultural change. He has a thorough and in-depth experience of all design practices and an encyclopaedic knowledge of logo and corporate identity spanning many years.

Although nearly all commercial design work is now digitally produced, it still originates as an idea or concept and begins as a few lines sketched out on paper using pen or pencils. Kevin then uses state-of-the-art hardware, software and lots of coffee, to enable the creation and development of these nascent ideas to become fully formed and pixel perfect.

At Carvill we have found that the key to good design, and ultimately client satisfaction, is being able to share a rapport and empathy with the client and to translate their requirements into tangible assets. We achieve this by using logo design briefing forms and website design briefing forms that even the Spanish Inquisition would be proud of, and try to ask as many pertinent questions as possible, in order to enable a successful conclusion. We almost have to become mind readers to glean the relevant and important information that is key to producing effective and efficient design.