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We become an extension of your team

Our Social Media Pro service - offers you a fully outsourced solution.

Having a presence on social networks and leveraging social networks deliver on business objectives is now the norm. However, if you don't know where to start, don't have the time or internal competence or are not clear making those social media icons on your websitework for you - then we're your perfect partners.

Considering ‘Your Objectives’ we tailor a solution that works for you:

We become an extension of your team and manage all your social media requirements for you:

  • Understanding your vision, brand values, strategic and marketing objectives, audiences, key influencers, market place, territories, legislative restraints (if relevant) etc
  • Working closely with you to share and feedback insights we glean
  • Ensuring all social media marketing activity is ‘on brand’ – and purposeful
  • The relationship we build with you is critical - we have to be close to your business.

How it works: 

  • We meet with you to understand your business, brand and objectives.
  • Once clear on what you are looking to achieve - we set up and optimise your social network profiles, which includes styling, design and content optimisation. 
  • Once set up and optimised – we manage your accounts for you day to day.  This includes – targeting specific audiences, influencers and driving engagement. Tracking specific keywords and conversations – and conversing directly, (when relevant), to build engagement.
Networks we support:
  • Twitter  
  • Facebook - Facebook Advertising, Ad Management, Facebook Apps   
  • LinkedIn - LinkedIn Advertising, Ad Management.
  • Google+  
  • Pinterest   
  • Blogging/Content Marketing - Social networking platforms require content -  in fact, they’re content, ‘media,’ hungry – and so as well as listening for, tracking and sharing relevant, purposeful conversations and other content, we also create regular blog posts for you each week (usually 2) – to ensure you are creating your own targeted and purposeful authentic content to drive both traffic, engagement and awareness. 
  • Newsletters / Content Marketing - Share your blogs with your clients on a regular basis. We can set up and manage a Newsletter system (using MailChimp) to recycle and amplify your blog content into specific audiences. 

Please note: Social Media Marketing isn’t simply about ‘broadcasting’ your news – it’s a case of 'networking' and building relationships. Think of offline networking and how that best works. Networking is about getting people to know you, like you, trust you – and then to ultimately do business with you.  We focus on building networks which will prove purposeful in delivering on your objectives.

A look at our Social Media Pro service:

Growing awareness / targeted followers / fans and community management:

  • Ongoing - Researching relevant trade press, bloggers, influencers, journalists for relevant news.  
  • Targeting audiences / influencers. Tracking keywords and listening in and capturing online relevant conversations.
  • Figuring out what ‘being interesting and engaging’ looks like.
  • Sharing and engaging consistently across all platforms. (endeavouring to strike the 80/20* balance)
  • Sharing insights and findings back to you/your team.
  • Creating regular compelling blog content which is relevant and keyword enabled on a weekly basis.
  • Reporting outcomes and insights in a Monthly Status Report.


 To share your message effectively, it's important we fully understand your business, brand and objectives - so we work closely in partnership with you. You're still very much in control and constantly informed of what we're sharing.  To discuss your needs - simply Get in touch.



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