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When I become a Twitterer / Twitterite = regular, if not addicted user of Twitter, I wanted something for my email signature and other signatures and an icon on my blog which promoted the ‘follow me’ on Twitter theme and drew attention to my ‘@michellecarvill’ handle.

I couldn’t find anything out there – and so that got me thinking…  So below are a series of Twitter icons which you can use to embed into your signatures, put on your blog – do what you will.  I’ve tried to add personality to some of them – as you can see – but all further suggestions welcome.

I’ll keep working on developing more – and you can use them as you wish; code them up, embed them, put them on a t-shirt, business cards, website, blog, the choice is yours.   They’re free so all tweets about them twuly welcome…

If you want me to edit the images – and would like me to add in your own personal ‘@ handle’ – then simply email me your Twitter handle and I’ll do that for you – and email your bespoke icon across to you (specify format).

And of course, if you’ve got ideas for how you’d like your own @handle designed – then let me know and I’ll work something up for you…

9 thoughts on “Free Twitter Icons and Badges”

  1. Hi Michelle. You need to figure out a badge that involves a horse. There are lots of horse folks and associations that are tweeting. I know the Appaloosa assoc is trying to get a lot of folks tweeting so would be cool if we could have a badge of a horse with spots. 🙂

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