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Instagram Ads Will Be Arriving Soon To The U.K

It was always inevitable that advertising on Instagram was going to happen at some point – after all, they need to start earning some money from somewhere.

Earlier this year, they announced that they were going to start advertising in America and later this year, ads would arrive in Canada and Australia. Lucky for us they have also announced that they are coming to the U.K.

It’s normally the big boy brands that have an account on Instagram rather than the smaller businesses – however, Instagram ads will provide a new window of opportunity for smaller businesses to get their name out and get people interested in their brand.

Instagram want their ads to be creative and engaging, therefore have just started with a handful of brands that are already doing great things on the social platform.

What Will They Look Like?

You’ll’ be able to tell what a photo or video advertisement looks like as you’ll see the ‘Sponsored’ label  in the top right hand corner of the post, where the time stamp would normally be.

If an ad comes up that doesn’t interest you, you can tap the ‘…’ below it, to hide that ad. Instagram will then ask you to provide feedback about why you didn’t like it – this helps them to only show you the ads that they think you will find interesting.

If you haven’t already seen an Instagram ad, then look out for that sponsored post that will be breaking the news…

instagram ads 123






Underneath the post, Instagram announce: “Over the coming weeks we will slowly begin rolling out advertising in the U.K. We’re starting with just a few businesses that are already great on Instagram to make sure the ads you see are creative and engaging.”

After people started seeing this taster ad, Instagram said that genuine adverts will be arriving after. Some of the bigger brands that already have access to the advertising on the platform are Starbucks, Cadbury, Channel 4, Rimmel and Waitrose. The hope is that these sponsored ads will be of an exceptional quality and feel like native content, which users are then happy to interact with in their feed.

Despite the test ad receiving more than 18,000 likes, many users have expressed their frustration online about the arrival of ads. To have your say on the subject, let us know how you feel about Instagram ads by tweeting us at @carvillcreative

Big Changes at LinkedIn – ‘Products & Services’ Page Retires

LinkedIn are constantly evaluating their platform to ensure they are creating timely and engaging content to their members. This sometimes results in the retirement of certain features and this time, they have come to the decision to remove the ‘Products & Services’ feature as of April 14th.

So what does this mean for your LinkedIn Profile? And, where can you share content about your products and services now?

The great thing about this change is that you’ll now have two new alternatives for sharing your ‘Products & Services’ content – these are through ‘Company Updates’ and/or new ‘Showcase Pages.’

  • Company Updates

‘Company Updates’ are updates that appear on your company page and in your followers’ feeds. These are key to building relationships with your page followers and show up when they engage with your updates – when they do, it spreads your message to their networks (through their newsfeeds), therefore spreading your message even further!

Not only do company updates let you share images and information about your product but also lets you share compelling visual content, including videos that play directly in the newsfeed and directly in members customised landing pages.

  • Showcase Pages

Showcase Pages enable you to highlight a particular brand or product line and extend your company page presence. They’re also useful for building long term relationships with those who want to follow specific aspects of your business. (So, far more targeted content).

The followers of your ‘Showcase Page(s)’ know to expect news about your product/service and are looking forward to it. The updates on this page work just like company updates, but with the added benefit of LinkedIn members being able to find the Product or Service through search.  This is a key change – so you want to ensure that the names for your ‘Showcase’ pages are keyword search friendly.

Currently, LinkedIn will allow you to have a maximum of 10 ‘Showcase Pages’ before you have to start paying for them!

What you’ll need to get started with a LinkedIn Showcase Page:

  • A new cover photo for each page – they are a different dimensions to the one you used on your Products and Services tab before so these will probably need to be re-designed.
  • A name for each page
  • A very short description about the product/service you’re showcasing

Here’s how to get started:

1. Identify the business areas that need a Showcase Page.

2. Click the “Edit” menu on the top right hand side of your Company Page. Click on the dropdown arrow and Select “Create a Showcase Page.”

3. Create a ‘Showcase Page’ box (as shown below) appears – here you’ll need to have a name prepared for whatever it is that you’re showcasing. You’re also given the option to add other administrators to that particular page (these are usually the same people that are admins on your company page).

4. Now you’re ready to start sharing your content!

If Showcase Pages have any advantage over the previous ‘Products & Services’ tab, it’s that they really will allow you to forge closer relationships with different customers, because you’ll be able to target your content at them more narrowly. And of course, the fact that they can now be found in LinkedIn search is a potentially significant advantage.

The only disadvantage that we can think of is that you may have more than 10 pages to promote (potentially costing you more money).

Overall, LinkedIn Showcase Pages offer you the opportunity to really showcase key products and services – and enables other people / businesses to tune in to the updates they want to receive from you.

For more information and queries, we recommend you have a look at the LinkedIn ‘Showcase Pages’ FAQs page

This blog post was brought to you by Michelle Carvill, founder of Carvill Creative, the online visibility experts and author of The Business of Being Social – A Practical Guide to Harnessing the Power of Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn for all Businesses.

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Scarcity is a Wonderful Thing – Lessons from ‘Flappy Bird’

Today is Tuesday – and yesterday morning, I had no idea that Flappy Bird even existed.

Now remember, I’m pretty ‘switched on’ online – I’m on Twitter throughout the day, every day, spend my life watching blog feeds and social channels – and yet, I still remained unaware of the app.

Yesterday I noticed my Twitter feed started to mention ‘Flappy Bird’ – and my feed in from Mashable headlined an article. And my ‘What’s App’ conversations were filled with friends talking about how many devices they had ‘Flappy Bird’ installed on.

‘What is this Flappy Bird’ app that everyone is flapping about – I asked myself.

I had back to back meetings followed by a battle with flood frazzled trains home – and so had more pressing things on my mind – however, when I got home, I was greeted by my 11 year old – advising that her phone (with Flappy Bird installed on it) – could now be worth up to $90,000! (Don’t believe the hype).

Why?  Well of course, the news that was causing the Flap was that the Vietnemese app creator, Dong Nguyen, had taken Flappy Bird off the app stores. Removing the option for anyone to purchase it.  Why he removed it is still unclear – one story is he was fed up with ‘hate mail’ about the addictive and highly frustrating app – and so decided to remove it all together, another is that there were legal infringements via Nintendo?  Who knows.

Of course, scarcity often causes a sense of urgency – and is a well used marketing tactic – (only 5 places left, only 2 days to claim etc) – however, in the case of Flappy Bird – there was no warning – the app was removed and now – guess what – EVERYONE wants it.

Intrigued, I asked my daughter if I could have a play – and yes, it’s simple, fun, frustrating and a little bit addictive.  (My highest score still only 3 after about 50 plays!).

Yesterday myself (and indeed probably hundreds of thousands of other people) didn’t even know Flappy Bird existed.

Since pulling the app – whether intentional or not – the App Creator has created an online and offline media frenzy which is dominating global search.

Even I am now watching updates to see whether those Flappy Bird will be brought back to life due to social demand (it’s an interesting case study).

Or indeed, will those with it installed on their devices genuinely sell their phones for the thousands of dollars cited on Ebay?

The marketing lessons for all of us:

  • Scarcity breeds demand. (And in this case, not just demand, but a frenzy.) – are you creating a sense of urgency in your messaging?
  • Take something away from people and they make a noise – if it’s the right noise, that can raise a significant amount of awareness.
  • Social media is a powerful resource. It’s the power of social that has caused the frenzy. The whole conversation was started on Twitter with the App Creator making his announcement via the network and the conversations continue on Twitter – there are Twitter petitions to bring it back .  What can you do on social to harness the power of the crowd?

Flappy Bird – and the law of scarcity.  Lessons for us all.

This blog post was brought to you by Michelle Carvill, founder of Carvill Creative, the online visibility experts and author of The Business of Being Social – A Practical Guide to Harnessing the Power of Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn for all Businesses.

If you need any help with creating content or anything else then do get in touch with us.