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Implementation – it’s key to success

Some key frustrations of small business owners have been identified as:


  • Lack of progress in growing the business
  • Wanting to take the business to the next level but unclear on to how to do this
  • Implementing change – creating a plan of action and sticking to it


To add to this – often there are personal frustrations too:


  • Too much time consumed by the business
  • Weekends and evenings impinged upon because of business commitments
  • Friends and family time reduced


Sound familiar?  If so, let’s take a look at how the practical step of creating a plan of action – can help to ease the way forward – and ultimately help business owners create businesses that provide them with a particular lifestyle of choice.



Plans are nothing, planning is everything – and implementation is follow through


In a business era where long-term fixed business plans don’t often work for a business that needs to react quickly to market change – plans are still necessary.


Having a focus – a path to follow, however short or long term that plan may be – helps to ensure that a business keeps on the right track, something to focus progress – and importantly, measure success against.  Plans can be flexible, fixed, changed on a monthly basis – whatever works for your business.   But you need a strategic direction. 


Creating your plan is one thing, and in my view, a significantly important part of the process – but what is absolutely crucial to success – is implementation.


Fail to implement and nothing happens.



So let’s take a look at first things first…

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